Technical Team


Anna Duong

Software Developer
With volumetric 3D modelling being a relatively new development, providing the standard 2-dimensional toolkit such as cross-hairs, slicing and windowing is important for many of our users. Anna works to continuously implement and improve these toolkits in the software.

Yaqoob Isaacs

Software Developer
Yaqoob is responsible for the development of the 3-Dimensional rendering, measuring and storing of states. Yaqoob also ensures that the inputs and outputs from the 3D Dicom Viewer program are provided as industry standard so that users can easily access and share their findings visually.

Samuel Grant

UI/UX Developer
Tasked with the design and development of the User Interface of the program, Samuel works closely with Anna to continuously improve the software. Sam also fields the feature requests & deals with support queries to ensure users can add to the future roadmap of the 3D Dicom software.