3Dicom Viewer

3Dicom Viewer is a cross-platform application that allows its users to interact with their medical scans in 3D.

The technology can be utilised by surgeons, dentists and other medical practitioners to provide patients with pre and post-operative 3D scans which can be viewed and manipulated on compatible desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

It can also be used directly by patients to view their own scans at home.

View the 3Dicom website to download the software.

Software Summary

User Interface

DICOM files are loaded from your computer, and rendered in seconds once selected.

3Dicom Viewer features a simple, easy to use user interface where the DICOM file renders on the right hand side, and can be manipulated by the controls on the left hand side in addition to the use of the mouse (click and drag), and the keyboard (arrow keys to zoom in and out).


Figure 1: 3Dicom Viewer User Interface


Figure 2: Using the NavCube to manipulate scans

Built For Patients & Professionals

We visualise the world in 3-Dimensions with our brain being highly adapted to perceive depth and spatial relationships in multiple axis.

However, we currently only visualise, diagnose and communicate medical data in a 2-Dimensional form, relying on highly trained medical experts being able to accurate translate the 2D images into 3D models in their head.

3Dicom Viewer takes the guesswork out of translating the 2D imagery into 3D, allowing you to see it "almost as though it's right in front of you".

Key Features

  • Precise Hounsfield Value Control - View Different Tissue Densities
  • Rapid 3D Volume Rendering - Load Most Scans In Less Than 30 Seconds
  • Brightness, Contrast & Opacity Control
  • Navigation Cube + Click & Drag To Rotate - Easy User Interface
  • Immersive Zoom For 3D Models

Figure 3: Showcasing Display Settings

Ready to explore your scans in 3-Dimensions?