MedVR – Clinical 3D Medical Visualisation

Say goodbye to 2D with MedVR.

Instant real-time 3D volume rendering of your data inside of virtual reality, with global collaboration at your fingertips.

With MedVR, you can collaborate in real-time with your peers across the world and bring together the brightest minds to review, discuss and plan your cases.

Software Summary

User Interface

MedVR is unique in it's user interface, as once you are connected with a scan loaded, everything is controlled by the Occulus Rift S controllers and headset.

Look around, step closer or further away, and utilise the hand held controllers to rotate, zoom or even immerse yourself within a scan, as shown on figure 1. to the right.

These controls have been built to be intuitive, even to people who have never put on a VR headset in their lives.


Figure 1: Handheld Controller Manipulating Scan


Figure 2: Tom Hanly Presenting MedVR

Limitless Use Cases

For Professionals
Effortless immersive 3D visualisation of CT, MRI & PET means significantly reduced cognitive load and more focus on what matters.

For Referrers
MedVR integrates a full cloud communications platform within our Virtual Reality space. This allows you to capture and share medical data.

For Education
Our goal was to improve the way we use 3D medical data in Higher Education. MedVR provides an unparalleled 3D environment.

For Collaboration
Real-time global collaboration in VR; record, store and share your sessions securely & effortlessly in MedVR.

Who Uses MedVR?

Hospitals & Clinics
Our software rapidly converts CT, MRI and PET scan data in Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format into a fully interactive 3D model within a virtual environment.

Surgeons & Private Practice
Using our cloud collaboration, patient scans can be accessed by authorised private surgeries along with annotations & notes saving considerable time.

Universities & Schools
Teach students anatomy using the latest in Medical VR imaging. You have the ability to pre-record and annotate 3D content in 4K resolution.


Figure 3: Usage in Hospital Setting

Ready to explore your scans in VR?

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