Virtual Anatomy – 3D Medical Education

Underpinned by the MedVR IP of converting DICOMs to 3D volumetric models, the MedVR for Education software is designed at providing students in high schools and universities with courses & content that they can visualise in 3D.

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Software Summary

Software Roadmap

  • Learning Management System
  • Colourisation of common scans to provide realistic colours and/or assist in differentiation of separate structures;
  • Cloud rendering, given the anonymised nature of the education scan sets, efforts are being made to reduce edge-computing power and provide access to 3D models with and without VR on devices such as smartphones & tablets.
  • Conversion and rendering of the anonymised scans would occur in the ‘cloud’ and be served to end-users via an encrypted connection;
  • Annotation & windowing to enable the toggling on/off of particular systems; and,
  • Tiered access to allow teachers and lecturers to limit access to particular scans, view analytics on student activity in the system and create lesson plans/semester curriculums.

Figure 1: Virtual Anatomy User Interface


Figure 2: Showcasing Scan Manipulation

MedVR vs. Virtual Anatomy

Whilst a number of advanced features developed for the premium MedVR offering will not be added into the education version (such as volumetric analysis, measurement tools and surgical flythrough), the above developments for the education offering are directly transferrable to the main software.

Key Features

  • Immersive 3D Anatomy Volumetric Models
  • Large Library of FREE & Premium Scans
  • Annotations, Descriptions & Common Treatments
  • Virtual Reality Compatible

Figure 3: Login Screen

Download The Virtual Anatomy Software Beta