Virtual Anatomy – 3D Medical Education

Virtual Anatomy is a collaborative 3D anatomical education software for secondary schools and tertiary education institutions.

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Software Summary

Advantages of Virtual Anatomy

  • Ability to facilitate collaborative learning;
  • Interactive functions, which allows for visual quizzes, automatic grading and the setting of homework tasks;
  • Ability to store image and model libraries (which will allow for the sub-licencing of content to third parties); and
  • Broad application from high school students to final year medical students.

Figure 1: Virtual Anatomy User Interface


Figure 2: Showcasing Scan Manipulation

MedVR vs. Virtual Anatomy

Whilst a number of advanced features developed for the premium MedVR offering will not be added into the education version (such as volumetric analysis, measurement tools and surgical flythrough), the above developments for the education offering are directly transferrable to the main software.

Core Benefits

Learning in 3D:
Virtual Anatomy uses a combination of 3D anatomical models and radiological scans to teach anatomy.

Integrated Learning Management System:
Integrated assessment and content management system allows for either standalone or fully integrated solution.


Figure 3: Login Screen

Can Virtual Anatomy enhance your lessons?