Visualising Better Health Outcomes

Singular Health offers a cohesive, end-to-end digital health platform with a multi-pillar service offering, from medical visualisation through to storage, analysis and the production of individualised medical devices.

How We Help


Scan & Plan

Surgical preparation & analysis by rapidly transforming MRI & CT scans into immersive 3D models that can be visualised in Virtual Reality.


Collaborate & Educate

Unparalleled 3D environment for educational and research applications. Our platform allows multiple participants to learn in Virtual Reality.


Surgical Planning

We help surgeons to maximise their understanding of patient cases and plan complex surgeries with a suite of class-leading tools.

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Who We Help


Hospitals & Clinics

Our software rapidly converts CT, MRI and PET scan data in DICOM format into a fully interactive 3D model within a virtual environment.


Surgeons & Private Practice

Using our cloud collaboration, patient scans can be accessed by authorised private surgeries along with annotations & notes saving considerable time.



In the dynamic field of orthodontic care, our software allows progress scans to be viewed in 3D so the patient can see how you are assisting their smile.



Fully compatible with OCT scan files, use MedVR to demonstrate complex procedures and highlight areas of concern to patients & colleagues.


Universities & Schools

Teach students anatomy using the latest in Medical VR imaging. You have the ability to pre-record and annotate 3D content in 4K resolution.



Highlight and compare spinal issues discovered in comparative X-rays, such as disk compression, scoliosis and more to your patients in 3D for greater understanding.

Group 2

Developed with professionals

Our software is developed by Health Care Professionals for Health Care Professionals. Our platform is designed to improve work-flows, patient communication and collaboration.

Unlimited reach

We’ve partnered with CISCO to provide you with unparalleled secure communications from within our MedVR software. This provides everything medical professionals and universities needs for messages, meetings, and calls.

Local support

Speak directly to the experts with dedicated technical support. If you require a feature in the platform we will do our best to help.

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