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3D/VR Scan Review

Singular Health Platform

Global Medical Imaging Market Size Graphic
Commercialisation StrategyDirect to Practitioner;
Enterprise sales to Radiology clinics;
License software.
End-UsersGeneral Practitioners
Allied Health
Specialist Practitioners (Dentists etc.)
Main ApplicationsYes, the Scan phase is critical to the Scan to Surgery process as the source of imaging files.
Competitive AdvantageMulti-modality (both Windows & Mac); and,
Local 3D DICOM rendering
Regulatory RequirementsCurrently Class I visualisation device;
Applying for TGA Class II for use as Diagnostic viewer;
Applying for FDA510(K)

3D/VR Scan Review Phase – Medical Imaging Software For Patients & Practitioners

After patient’s scan has been captured and transferred via PACS, radiologists typically review the scans to diagnose pathologies and provide a radiological report with key images to the referring physician.

Whilst highly trained radiologists still use existing 2D solutions to make the diagnosis, Singular Health’s 3Dicom software allows medical practitioners themselves to view the scan(s) in 3D, allowing for;

  • Interactive consultations with patients to obtain informed consent and explain the issue(s) and proposed treatment;
  • Pre-operative planning with enhanced, immersive visualisation in 3D and Virtual Reality; and,
  • Collaborative multi-disciplinary team meetings to discuss cases prior to surgery with annotated scans.

With more than 27 million diagnostic imaging tests performed in Australia in 2017, of which many were CT & MRI scans, diagnostic imaging is a standard part of medical practice.

The ability for patients and practitioners to access the raw medical images, in addition to the radiological reports, and view the patient’s anatomy in 3D enables better patient-practitioner communication and improved spatial comprehension of the patient’s anatomy.

Portable, Multiple Modality Medical Image Viewer

Singular Health’s 3Dicom software provides practitioners and patients alike with access to scans in traditional 2-dimensional views and fully-interactive 3-dimensional models across VR, desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphones, all stored and rendered locally.

Multi-modal DICOM viewer