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Existing Infrastructure

Global Scan Market Size
Integration StrategyPartner / Leverage Existing Radiology Providers
Suitable Scan TypesComputed Tomography (CT);
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI);
Positron Emitting Tomography (PET)
DependencyHighly dependent, Scan phase is critical to the Scan to Surgery process as the source of imaging files.
Competition / RiskVery Low, scans are shared in an open source file format.
OutputsDICOM (.DCM) & NifTI (.NII) files

Scan Phase – Acquiring Images of Patient’s Internal Anatomy With Existing Hardware

Ever since Wilhelm Rontgen first discovered the X-ray in 1895 and used it to photograph his wife’s hand, medicine has been revolutionised by the ability to non invasively explore a patient’s internal anatomy through medical imaging.

The 1970s saw the invention of Computed Tomography (CT) scanning by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, which uses multiple X-rays to capture images of internal anatomy, especially bone and internal organs, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is better for soft tissue imaging.

Medical imaging is now common place, with more than 1000 CT scanners in use in Australia and 27 million diagnostic images acquired in Australia in 2017.

The format of images typically used by medical imaging hardware is Digital Imaging and COmmunication in Medicine (DICOM) and is a worldwide standard. Just like modern cameras, medical scanners store hundreds of individual meta-tags in each image file with the slice thickness, orientation of the patient and even the referring physician and location of the radiology clinic.

Singular Health’s proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform reads and accurately interprets the DICOM meta-tags on each and every medical during the scan load to convert hundreds of individual images from existing CT/MRI & PET scanners into fully-interactive 3D models.

The ability to read DICOM files allows Singular Health to leverage existing medical scanning infrastructure as opposed to developing special scanning protocols or equipment.

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