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Medical 3D Printing

Singular Health Platform

Commercialisation StrategyContract manufacturing;
Manufacture of custom parts from VSP;
Manufacture of bio-models
Main ApplicationsPatient-specific surgery
Competitive AdvantageLocal manufacturing, faster lead times
WebsiteAustralian Additive Engineering

3D Printing Phase – Local Manufacturing of Patient Specific Guides & Implants

In May 2021, Singular Health invested AUD$300,000 into Australian Additive Engineering (AAE) to build one of Australia’s largest dedicated medical 3D printing facilities.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria on Australia’s populous East Coast, AAE will perform contract manufacturing of bespoke surgical parts for Australian surgeons, reducing lead times for surgeries in Australia through localised 3D printing.

AAE is currently in the processing of commissioning the facility with the first production print anticipated by CYQ4 2021.