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3Dicom Viewer

Product Snapshot

Strategic AlignmentBetter Health Literacy.
Better Health Outcomes
Target Market / End UsersPatients
Medical Practitioners
CommercialisationFreemium SaaS
Enterprise Sales
*Windows AND Mac
Project LeadThomas Morrell

3Dicom Viewer – Enhancing Medical Imaging

As the next generation of the original MedVR software, 3Dicom Viewer has been developed as a cross-platform application which allows end-users to interact with standard 2D medical images such as MRI & CT scans in 3D.

Primarily focused on visualisation, the role of 3Dicom Viewer is to facilitate improved practitioner communication to obtain true informed consent and adherence to treatment plans from patients.

Leveraging Singular’s proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform, 3Dicom Viewer features native DICOM loading to work with more than 95% of all files output by existing MRI, PET and CT scanners, traditional 2D views and fully-interactive 3D.

As one of only a few truly multi-modal, cross-platform DICOM viewers, the software has been distributed online with very low overheads and is in use by surgeons, dentists and other medical practitioners who are providing patients with pre-and-post-operative 3D scans.

As of August 2021, Singular Health has launched a lightweight mobile application which enables patients to receive their own DICOM scans from practitioners using a QR code, store it on their mobile device and visualise in 2D/3D with annotations from their doctor and/or radiologist.

View the 3Dicom website to download the software or 3DicomVSP to learn about the surgical planning version.

Medical File Transfer Protocol (MFTP)

In June 2021, Singular launched the Medical File Transfer Protocol (MFTP), an innovative method for compressing, anonymising and transferring medical images, reports and even design files between 3Dicom users with QR codes and/or unique tokens via email.

With all scans anonymised and encrypted prior to transfer, and with a private blockchain acting as a distributed ledger of all the transactions/transfers, the system is highly secure. In addition to streamlining the process of providing patients with annotated scans, MFTP can be used for design file transfer in surgical planning and is developed in a modular manner to allow it to be licensed to third-party applications.

Key Benefits & Unique Value Proposition

With the ability to render standard slice-based 2D radiological images from any part of the body from 2D into 3D, 3Dicom Viewer has a vast number of use-cases as a visualisation tool. With tiered access to certain features for patients, general practitioners and surgeons/specialists, the software caters for many different needs with the modular suite of tools. 3Dicom’s Unique Value Proposition is the modular design, ability to rapidly load DICOM files on the device itself rather than requiring a cloud service, and ability to add AI models to the software for triage & segmentation.*

Better Patient Comprehension

Patients perceive the world using 3D and better understand 3D anatomical models than traditional 2D medical images.

Secure, Local DICOM Rendering

The proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform renders 2D medical images into fully-interactive 3D models on the user’s own device, preserving patient confidentiality.

Spatial Context of Anatomy

Enhanced 3D visualisation provides spatial context, showing various anatomical sites (and pathologies) relative to each other.

Multi-Modality & Portable

3Dicom offers the same 3D visualisation & manipulation experience across desktop, mobile and VR enabling users to always have their medical images at their fingertips.

Plan Pre-Op &Review Post-Op

Plan surgical approaches pre-operatively and then review the placement & adhesion of screws and implants post-operatively.

Intuitive, Streamlined Interface

Designed for use not only by radiologists and surgeons but by patients as well, 3Dicom features an intuitive interface whilst retaining all the functionality of other programs.

*Subject to certain regulatory approvals dependent upon jurisdiction.