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Singular Health Platform

Commercialisation StrategyBundled with 3Dicom VSP;
Direct to Practitioner;
Enterprise Sales;
Reseller Network.
Main ApplicationsYes, the Scan phase is critical to the Scan to Surgery process as the source of imaging files.
Competitive AdvantageLow, scans are shared in open source file format.
OutputsSurgical report & ‘Medical Precedents’

Surgery Phase – Digitised Surgical Plans & Patient Specific Surgical Guides

During the final phase of Scan to Surgery, surgeons will be able to to view an interactive step-by-step surgical plan with all of their notes from their pre-surgical planning session conducted during Virtual Surgical Planning and utilise the 3D printed, patient-specific components for faster, more accurate surgeries.

Surgical plans created in Virtual Surgical Planning will allow for the creation of checklists, recording the steps taken during surgery along with notes and media (photos/video) of any complications for medico-legal purposes.

Surgical notes can be reviewed post-surgery as a form of medical precedent for better surgical practices.