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Health Academy

Product Snapshot

Strategic AlignmentBetter Health Literacy
Target Market / End UsersPatients
High School Students
Medical School Students
CommercialisationSaaS courses
Affiliate Programs
WebsitesHealth Literacy Hub
Health Academy
Project LeadMartina Mariano PhD

Health Academy – Better Health Literacy

Singular Health Group has two key objectives; to develop better health literacy and to deliver better health outcomes. Through the Health Academy product and the Health Literacy Hub website, Singular aims to provide patients, students and even practitioners with improved health literacy.

“Health literacy is the knowledge and skills needed to find, understand and use information and services to make decisions about health and healthcare.”

Tasmanian Department of Health

Health Academy has been developed to focus primarily on the current Year 11 and Year 12 Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) human biology courses, providing a proven, curriculum aligned, course structure.

Health Academy combines traditional text-based content with multi-media such as illustrations and video, interactive 3D models with annotations and a fully-immersive Virtual Reality experience for a holistic and engaging educational experience.

Singular Health is currently preparing free and monetised courses for the general public as well as school-based programs.

Built for Scalable Health Education

Developed as a scalable, multi-lingual platform, Health Academy provides templated curriculum aligned lessons, currently Year 11/12 ATAR Human Biology, which can be edited by Educators and delivered as public or private courses to individuals, students and medical professionals themselves.

Whilst the initial testing of the platform is being undertaken with local high schools, a successful trial in Q2 2021 will see the platform marketed to medical colleges, Universities and public courses created by Singular Health.

Key Features & Unique Value Proposition

Health Academy provides the following key benefits and many more through the platform and has the unique value proposition of providing a complete multi-sensory approach to learning with 3D printed models, 3D/VR models and the ability for educators to fully customise their lessons.

3D Anatomical Models

Health Academy offers an extensive library of accurate and fully annotated 3D anatomical models of the human body.

Multi-Sensory Learning

All students learn differently and Health Academy complements text-based content with videos, 3D and virtual reality anatomical models and even 3D printable body parts.

Virtual Reality Experience

Using a standalone VR headset, explore and manipulate each individual body system for an immersive educational experience.

Learning Management System

Health Academy features a fully-featured Learning Management System (LMS) and also integrates with common LMS’s to share grades, reminders, and much more.

Interactive Quizzes

With customisable quizzes, educators can assess students in an engaging, visual manner along with standard quiz features.

Contextual, Holistic Approach

Using 3D Models and interactive resources, Health Academy teaches anatomy as a series of interrelated parts/systems rather than individually for a more holistic approach.