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Product Snapshot

Strategic AlignmentSpin-Off
Target Market / End UsersGeologists
Drill & Blast Operators
Mine Planners
CommercialisationJoint Venture
JV PartnerFlowCentric
Project LeadElliott Cooper

“Whilst we remain focused on our core vision of Developing Better Health Literacy, this pilot program with FlowCentric Technologies presents a great opportunity to deploy our proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform for use in the mineral resources sector.”

Thomas Hanly, CEO Singular Health

GeoVR – Mineralisation Through Visualisation

In mid-2020, Singular Health was approached by a well-established developer and provider of mining technology solutions to visualise drilling operations in 3D & Virtual Reality. In a preliminary proof-of-concept, the Volumetric Rendering Platform (VRP) was adapted for use with drill-hole data, allowing for the 3D/VR visualisation of multiple drillholes and each holes’ assay results in an immersive 3D environment.

“The ability to visualise, in near real-time, on-site data from sensors and core imagery, on a mobile device will revolutionise the mining industry and bring a new life to 3D mining visualisation.”

Elliott Cooper, Project Lead

From the original geological surveys through to production planning, drill and blast operations and even ongoing production optimisation, GeoVR is enabling multiple sources of dynamic data from the field to be visualised in one coherent virtual environment.

In early-2021, Singular Health expanded upon the initial proof-of-concept with a paid pilot project with FlowCentric Technologies to combine drill hole location, assay results, block models and even LIDAR scans in the same space.

Whilst mineral resources is a lucrative sector, it is not the core focus of Singular Health. As such, Singular Health is forming a Joint Venture, providing technical expertise and background IP and allowing our JV partner to leverage their existing relationships and expertise in mining to commercialise the GeoVR software.

Scalable cloud-based platform

In order to deal with the vast volumes of data involved in mineral exploration and mining operations, as well as to allow for collaborative decision making and the import of near-real-time data, GeoVR has been developed as a scalable, secure cloud platform.

Using Web RTC (Real-time communication), the data is rendered on a central server and then can be viewed and controlled by multiple users at the same time from remote locations. This allows for exploration & operational data to be quickly shared with relevant stakeholders via an intuitive web interface.

Key Benefits & Unique Value Proposition

A few of the key benefits of GeoVR are listed below, however there are many more benefits that are being uncovered through the pilot program and joint-venture with all stakeholders highlighting the ability to visualise many previously siloed datasets in one place as being of the greatest value.

View Drillhole Results In 3D Space

GeoVR combines downhole assay results, geospatial data and LiDaR topography designs to visualise data in 3D space.

Block Model Flythrough

Using Singular Health’s Volumetric Rendering Platform (VRP), GeoVR enables users to navigate around mine environments.

Virtual Reality Experience

Manoeuvre in any axis and fly-through 3D block-models, mining plans and assets using a standalone VR headset.

Visualise Digitised Assets

With the ability to import and overlay multiple different file types, physical assets can be digitised and viewed as a digital twin.

Powered by Web RTC

GeoVR removes the requirement for localised high-end systems to render big mining-data by using Web Real-Time Communications

Time-Series Comparisons

By storing data from multiple time points, GeoVR can track changes from time-to-time to monitor production and changes in grade.