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Existing Infrastructure

Integration StrategyPartner / Leverage Existing PACS
ASX Listed PACS ProvidersASX : M7T
DependencyHighly dependent, PACS is critical to the Scan to Surgery process.
Competition / RiskVery low, PACS are collaborative by definition.
OutputsDICOM (.DCM) & NifTI (.NII) files

PACS Phase – Storing & Transferring Medical Images from Scanners to Practitioners

PACS, standing for Picture Archiving and Communications System, is the infrastructure upon which medical images are stored and transferred between scanners and practitioners.

PACS acts as an intermediary between various different radiology clinics, who often use multiple vendors for their scanners, and end users who use various softwares with hospitals and clinics. Therefore, PACS servers are inherently designed to be collaborative and integrate with third party applications. Additionally, whilst PACS servers have traditionally been onsite, recently PACS providers have been transitioning to cloud services which further improves access to patient’s medical images.

Singular Health’s medical software product 3Dicom, integrates with the vast majority of PACS servers, both onsite and in the cloud, allowing for the easy retrieval of DICOM files for viewing in fully-immersive 3D/VR.

Once images have been retrieved from a PACS server by the referring physician, Singular Health’s Medical File Transfer Protocol acts as an internal PACS to securely transfer medical images, reports and even design files between stakeholders in a particular surgical case, including the patient themselves.