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Product Snapshot

Strategic AlignmentBetter Health Outcomes
Target Market / End UsersSurgeons;
Biomedical Engineers;
Medical 3D Print Facilities; and,
Medical Device Designers
CommercialisationSaaS Software
Pay-per-Scan AI
3D Printing
Design Service
Project LeadJames Hill

3DicomVSP – Virtual Surgical Planning

Singular Health Group has two key objectives; to develop better health literacy and to deliver better health outcomes.

3DicomVSP is the flagship software that underpins Singular’s Scan to Surgery Initiative which is critical to deliver better health outcomes.

I believe that Scan to SurgeryTM has the potential to revolutionise the interaction between surgeons, planning software, and design engineers by incorporating VR and streamlining the segmentation of DICOM data from CT images.

Prof. Jonathan Clark AM, Founding Advisory Board Member

3DicomVSP takes the best components of many different softwares and combines them into an all-in-one surgical planning solution.

With the ability to visualise both radiological images, to gauge bone density & anatomical locations, and common Computer Aided Design files, surgeons and bio-mechanical engineers can plan their case collaboratively in 3D and/or Virtual Reality.

Users can import off-the-shelf implants in STL or OBJ format to view them ‘in the patient’ or segment, manipulate, cut and/or join patient anatomy in the software to generate patient-specific implants and precisely plan the surgery.

3DicomVSP users can export bespoke anatomical components and their surgical derivatives, drilling & cutting guides, from the software in industry-standard file formats with the end-goal of sending to 3D print directly from the software itself.

End-to-Surgical Planning Platform

3DicomVSP is the core software that underpins the Scan to Surgery approach seen above, with the intuitive user-interface providing modules for each of the phases from 3D/VR Scan review through to the provision of digitised surgical plans on tablets during surgery with MFTP securely transfers medical data & design files.

The software can be used for the Scan to Surgery process as a whole, or for individual phases of the process, depending on the specific workflows & applications.

Overlay Scans & CAD Files

Toggle radiological images on & off to view the placement of implants such as screw relatives to anatomy prior to surgery.

DICOM Segmentation to STL

Use inbuilt algorithms to rapidly segment DICOMs into STL files whilst retaining total control to edit/amend segmentations.

Works on standalone VR headsets

View and prepare cases from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote collaboration allows for tele-consults & much more.