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Virtual Surgical Planning

Singular Health Platform

Commercialisation StrategyDirect to Practitioner;
Enterprise Sales;
Singular Health Design Service;
Reseller Network
End-UsersBiomechanical engineers;
Medical Device Designers;
Medical 3D Printing Companies;
Main ApplicationsPre-operative planning;
Design of patient-specific surgical components
Competitive AdvantageVisualise & manipulate radiological images, segmented anatomy & implants all in one place.
OutputsPatient-specific implants;
Patient-specific cutting guides;
Patient-specific drilling guides; and,
Digitised surgical plan.

Virtual Surgical Planning Phase – Patient Specific Surgical Design Software

Using the source radiology images from the Scan and PACS phases and segmented anatomy and/or pathology from manual techniques or using AI, surgeons can pre-operatively plan a surgical approach tailored to the patient.

Virtual Surgical Planning enables both the generation of a step-by-step digitised surgical plan for reference during surgery on an iPad, and the creation of patient-specific implants and guides in virtual reality and on desktop.

End-users will be able to export design files from 3DicomVSP direct to approved 3D printing facilities for a fully-integrated process.

3DicomVSP – Scan & Plan

Using 3DicomVSP surgeons & bio-mechanical engineers can collaboratively work on cases remotely across desktop and virtual reality. CT/MRI scans can be viewed for bone density, anatomical structures and holistic surgical planning in addition to segmented anatomy and patient-specific components.