Corporate Governance

Corporate Strategy

The past 24 months has seen Singular Health Group Limited focus on the development and commercialisation of the proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform through the release of MedVR (surgical planning), Virtual Anatomy (education) and 3DicomViewer (patient education).

Looking to the future, Singular Health's Board & Management teams are seeking a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2020 to fund the growth of the Company and fulfill our vision of enabling better quality of life through improved patient care & medical education.


Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Singular Health Group Limited (the “Company”) is responsible for monitoring the business undertakings of the Company and protecting the rights and interests of shareholders. High standards of corporate governance are considered essential to give effect to these responsibilities. The Company’s corporate governance policies are set and reviewed from time to time by the Board having regard to any changing circumstances of the Company and the best interests of shareholders. Accordingly, the Company has, where appropriate, sought to adopt the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (the ‘Principles’). The corporate governance principles and practices adopted by the Company may differ from those set out in the ASX Recommendations where the Board considers that adherence is not appropriate, having regard to the nature, complexity and size of the Company’s business.